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Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science - Vol. 25 , No. 3

4. p.160 Effect of Root Pruning on Growth and Fruit Setting in Zizyphus jujuba var. inermis (Bunge) Rehder
Joung Won Lee, Chung Woo Kim, Ha Kyung Oh, Kyeong Hee Lee, Seong Kyun Lee, Sang Hee Kim, Eui Yon Hong

6. p.175 Influence of Boron and Iron Toxicity on the Physiological Status, Growth, and Mineral Uptake of Ginseng in Hydroponic Culture
Jin Yu, Soo Hyun Kang, In Bae Jang, In Bok Jang, Ki Choon Park, Ueong Ho Lee, Hong Woo Park, Su Jeoung Suh, Tae Cheol Seo, Kee Hong Kim