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Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science - Vol. 22 , No. 3
1. p. 177 Improvement of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure in Fruit, Leaf and Stem Extracts from Black Raspberry in vitro
Min Jung Lee, Su Jung Lee, Hye Ran Choi, Jung Hyun Lee, Ji Wung Kwon, Kyu Seo Chae, Jong Tae Jeong, Tae Bum Lee

5. p. 210 Effect of Cultivation Using Plastic-Film House on Yield and Quality of Ginseng in Paddy Field
Dong Won Kim, Jong Yeob Kim, Dong Hyun You, Chang Su Kim, Hee Jun Kim, Jong Suk Park, Jeong Man Kim, Dong Chil Choi, Nam Ki Oh

8. p. 231 Cuttings for Mass Propagation Affecting the Impact of Increasing Reproductive Efficiency of Schisandra chinensis .
Jong Yeob Kim, Chang Su Kim, Dong Hyun You, Dong Won Kim, Dong Chil Choi, Jeong Man Kim, Nam Ki Oh, Chun Geun Park, Young Sup Ahn, Kang Soo Lee