Instructions to Authors

Journal Scope

The Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science (KJMCS), an open access international journal published bimonthly (February 28, April 30, June 30, August 30, October 30, and December 30) in each year by the Korean Society of Medicinal Crop Science (KSMS), provides results of original research on the biological, chemical, physical, and health aspects of medicinal crops. KJMCS publishes only original research papers that are judged after peer review. We recommend that paper is less than 12 printed pages even though there is no page limitation. Papers on a wide range of sciences will be accepted as long as they are related to medical crops. There are main six categories as follows:

  1. 1) Cultivation, physiology, and environments
  2. 2) Genetics and breeding
  3. 3) Biotechnology
  4. 4) Quality and evaluation of physiological activity (in vitro, in vivo, etc.)
  5. 5) Chemical analysis
  6. 6) Others related to medicinal crops


KJMCS operates an on-line submission system. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically using the online electronic manuscript tracking system at in KJMCS is a prerequisite for submission of manuscript for publication. Details of how to submit online and full author instructions can be found at on-line submission system.

Editorial Procedures and Peer Review

All manuscripts are subject to peer review for the validity of the experimental design and results, significance, and appropriateness for the possible Journal publication. Manuscripts written by non-native authors who are unsure of proper English usage should be checked or edited by a professional language editing service before submission.

The manuscript submitted is at least 3 times evaluated by 3 reviewers selected by the Journal Office who are the expert in the field. During the revision, the author is expected to respond to all reviewers' comments either by making appropriate revisions or stating why the comments are unreasonable. The author will then be informed by the Editor-in- Chief of the final decision.


As a condition of publication, all authors must transfer copyright to the KSMS. In the case of manuscripts prepared by multiple authors, the corresponding author is asked to sign it on behalf of all authors before the manuscript is published. A form is available from the Web site.


Authors will receive galley proofs via e-mail and should be returned within 48 hours. No paper is released for publication until the author's corrected proof has been received.

Page Charges

A page charge is effective for all manuscripts on original research (Korean 30,000 won/per page, English 20,000 won/per page without acknowledgement or 60,000 won/per page with acknowledgement). The actual charge per printed page will be notified to the author along with the manuscript for galley proofs from Journal Office.


Thirty free reprints will be shipped to the corresponding author within 2 weeks after the printed journal date. For additional reprints, the authors should fill out a reprint order form and submit it to the journal office.