Ethical Guideline

(Enacted on May 30, 2007)

Article 1 (Social Responsibility)

The authors shall perform responsible research and intellectual activities, and shall recognize that they are responsible for the contribution to the improvement of quality of life and welfare of mankind and the development of medicinal crops.

Article 2 (Basic Research Ethics)

The authors shall recognize that honesty, integrity, and accuracy are the essential matters for security of reliability of study results in research activities, and shall pursue these basic principles in conducting all research activities including the proposal, plan, execution, and report of results of study. In particular, the authors shall reject misconducts such as

fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, and duplicate publication.

Article 3 (Principle of Universality)

The authors may not be treated discriminatingly because of race, gender, religion, or educational backgrounds, and shall have equal rights and duties.

Article 4 (Maintenance of Dignity as Professionals)

The authors shall maintain the pride and dignity as professionals that contribute to the enhancement of welfare of mankind with creation of new knowledge and technical development.

Article 5 (Observance of Laws and Ordinances)

The authors shall sincerely observe the regulations provided by the related laws and ordinances, the norms shown by the code of ethics, and the principles that are in common use internationally in the entire process of research and intellectual activities.

Article 6 (Respect for Subject of Study)

When intending to study the medicinal crops, the authors shall contribute to the improvement of welfare of mankind by recognizing the importance of quality and functionality as herb medicine resources.

Article 7 (Recording and Preservation of Research Data)

The authors shall sincerely record the data including the data used or created during the process of research, samples, and so on from the first stage through the final stage, and shall preserve them during the determined period.

Article 8 (Indication of Authors and Intellectual Property Rights)

The indication of authors shall be limited to those who have participated in the research including the presentation of ideas, design, execution, and interpretation in person. The research achievements of others that are referenced and cited in the process of research shall be clarified in the presented papers and thereby the rights and intellectual property rights of the original authors shall be respected.The authors who are indicated in the paper shall take joint responsibility for the paper.

Article 9 (Rights and Duties for the Society)

The authors shall have the right to take the profits generated by publishing a new discovery or achievements of research and intellectual activities to the society, and shall have the duties to sincerely meet the demands of the society.

Article 10 (Measures for "Conflicts of Interest")

The authors shall publish the conflict of interest that has occurred or can occur during the process of research and intellectual activities in advance and shall give priority to the public interests over their own interests.

Article 11 (Formation of Research Environment)

The authors shall actively participate in the formation of the environment with intellectual liberty, fairness, openness, and mutual respect for responsible research and intellectual activities to be performed.

Article 12 (Execution of Ethics Education)

The persons responsible for the research and intellectual activities shall have the duty to educate the participants to be able to sincerely practice these regulations of ethics.

Article 13 (Establishment of Ethics Committee)

The Ethics Committee, which enhances or deliberates the ethicality of research of members, shall take charge of the prevention of occurrence of research misconducts and research misbehaviors and the rapid examination and measures at the time of occurrence of the pertinent acts.

Article 14 (Sanction to violation of Ethical regulations)

The author who to violate the ethical regulations shall determine the specific sanctions by the commission depending on the degree of misconduct, it may include the following:

  1. The article shall be deleted from the Journal list
  2. The author shall be prohibited from making submissions to the journal.
  3. A notice of sanctions shall be posted on the Society's website.
  4. The author shall be disqualification or suspension.
  5. A notice of violation shall be delivered to the culpable individuals and organizations.
  6. The author shall be other disciplinary measures.

Additional Rule

  • This guideline shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.

<Revised on April 22, 2010>

<Revised on December 16, 2015>