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Copyright Transfer Agreement Following the Publication of Paper

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The authors hope that the above paper will be published in the "Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science", and totally agree to the following matters.

  1. The paper of the authors observes the regulations of ethics.
  2. The paper of the authors is creative and has not infringed the copyright of any other paper.
  3. The authors take the responsibility for the contents of the paper together.
  4. Thispaper has never been published in the past, and is neither submitted for the purpose of publication in any other academic journal nor planned to be submitted currently.
  5. The publisher of this journal shall have the right to raise an objection to the infringement of copyright made by others without the permission of the authors or the publisher of this Journal.
  6. Of the authors of paper, the corresponding author shall have the duty to take all the responsibilities for the entire paper.
  7. When this paper of the authors is published in the "Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science", the exercise of all the authority including the rights, interests, and copyright following this paper shall be transferred to "the Korean Society of Medical Crop Science".
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